Windy City Novelties

April 17, 2019

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Novelty sunglasses are one of the most creative and innovative inventions in the field of sunglasses. These sunglasses are designed thematically to suit different occasions, such as birthday celebrations, Halloween parties, St. Patrick’s Day, masquerade ball or even fancy dress competitions. Novelty sunglasses, therefore, reflect your inner festive spirits and are meant to express your solidarity with the theme of the party or the cause of the celebrations.

There are several different unique designs, shapes and color combinations in which these sunglasses are made available. Sometimes, as a product promotional stunt, the logo of a company or the image of the product may also be used as the basis for designing them.

A few very popular examples of novelty sunglasses include wine glasses, alien eyes, the black mask, guitar shaped, rock star party shades, cool beach party sun glasses, horse shoe shaped, glitter cheetah, wedding ring, bloody Mary, side splatter, pink flamingo, football shaped shades, glitter masquerade, new year’s eve glasses, heart shaped, flash glitter, beer mug, oversized fun party, sexy legs, cat’s eye, polarized sports wrap, pot, butterfly or star shape ones, glitter, margarita, tulips, etc.

Several times, the ones that you put on goes unnoticed because the design you have selected is either too plain or unattractive, or because the design is not suitable for the occasion at all. For instance, if you wear novelty sunglasses in the shape of witches, ghosts, (which glow in the dark) to a Halloween party, then it is considered to be much more appropriate than if you wear the Cerveza Corona beer bottle sunglasses, on this occasion. Similarly, if you wear shamrock sun glasses and deck yourself up in a green outfit, then it is considered to be much more appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, than if you were to wear the pumpkin shades.

Therefore, when selecting sun glasses for yourself, you need to assess how appropriate is the design for that particular occasion and also how much your selected design is able to convey your enthusiasm and zeal for the occasion to other people in the party or celebrations. Another important consideration, like in the case of any other selection is that your glasses must fit you perfectly and not obstruct your vision in anyway. Especially those designs which hamper clarity of vision, should never be worn by kid as it might lead to accidents. So, what are you waiting for? The next time you go to a party or a celebration, carry along theme based novelty sunglasses for yourself and find everyone else envying the huge amount of attention you receive throughout the evening. Click the link below to get all your party goods.