February 20, 2019

It is a fact that Sennheiser headphones are among the most popular, and are actually many people’s first choice of headphones. Indeed, there are people who, when out shopping for headphones, will not go for other models besides Sennheiser, even when those other models happen to be going for considerably lower prices, compared to Sennheiser.

But what, exactly, it is that sets Sennheiser Headphones aside from the pack?

The first feature that sets Sennheiser headphones aside from the pack has to be the specialized designs in which Sennheiser Headphone come in. Unlike other types of headphones which seems to be designed with a ‘one size fits all’ attitude, Sennheiser has gone to great pains to ensure that it has specialized headphones for each application, so that we end up with specialized Sennheiser headphones for MP3 players, specialized Sennheiser Headphone for TV listening and yet still specialized Sennheiser headphones for DJ use, and so on. Even within the various specific Sennheiser headphone categories, there exists some subcategories (in terms of design) where we end up with, for instance, specialized Sennheiser Headphone for MP3 players designed for use when on the move, and other more apt for use while at home or at the workplace. There are even wireless Sennheiser headphones, which make use of electromagnetic waves to pick the sound they are meant to convey from the sound-producing device, and then passing on the same to the ears of the wearer, and thus doing away with the need for the wearer to go about tugging those cumbersome wires.

Beyond design considerations, though, Sennheiser Headphone are not just about nice looks and no substance. Sennheiser headphones, as it turns out, are well developed for the core function they are meant to serve, namely the purpose of conveying sound between the sound producing device (which could be anything, as mentioned earlier, from a MP3 player to a computer and to a TV system) and the ears of the wearer. In this regard, Sennheiser Headphone are remarkable in the sound quality they produce (which is the objective measure for a headphone-set’s efficacy at its core function of sound conveyance).

Price-wise, Sennheiser headphones are rather pocket-friendly, especially when objectively compared to other headphones of their caliber quality-wise. Granted, there might be a number of slightly cheaper headphone models, but very few people who have tried Sennheiser would opt for the marginally cheaper models in preference to Sennheiser. This is because with these cheaper models – and it must be emphasized that the price difference tends to be marginal, one ends up sacrificing quite a lot in terms of sound quality and comfort of wearing, at the altar of what can turn out to be just a few dollar-cents difference.

A discussion on the features that set Sennheiser apart wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Sennheiser Headphone durability. Unlike many low-end headphones that will see you out shopping for another set just a few months down the line, Sennheiser headphones are the variety of headphones that more often than not, outlives the sound-producing gadget on which they are used.