February 20, 2019

People looking for flight booking international services to Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Middle Eastern countries can opt for Qatar Airways. This flag carrier of Qatar, with its headquarters in Doha, has become one of the leaders in the global aviation industry in recent years. Comprising a fleet of more than 100 aircraft, it operates to over 100 international destinations across the globe that includes important business and tourist centres spread across North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. This airline has a staff of over 30000 people, of which almost 17000 people are directly employed with it while the rest are hired by its subsidiaries.

Globetrotters who have taken its flights have agreed to the fact that its services are of exemplary standards as it always looks forward to provide passengers a safe and comfortable journey.

Download the Mobile Application

Now, carrying out a Qatar Airways booking has become easier with its new application that has been brought launched quite recently. Passengers now can download this mobile application on their smartphones to get all the details conveniently any time. This new application has been developed in such a way so that it can be run on platforms like iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS. The number of facilities that can be availed on this application include booking of flight tickets, on-hold reservation of tickets, check-in and checking flight status, to name a few.

Additional Services

Travellers have opined that they are particularly satisfied with the additional services that are offered by this carrier on its aircraft. Apart from the regular in-flight facilities, several other services are offered during the journey to help those travellers who have problems in movement. This airline also offers mobility assistance at the airport; however, a request to avail this service must be made while booking the flight ticket.

Seats inside the aircraft of this carrier are specially provisioned with those kind of armrests, which can be easily lifted to allow passage for those passengers with restricted movement. Also, the wide-bodied jets of this airline have a wheelchair on-board. This is to make sure that travellers who do not have a personal aid can move inside the aircraft freely. Also, several steps are taken to provide those seats to passengers that are easily accessible from the entrance of the aircraft. Those passengers who want to carry their personal mobility aids can also do the same subject to prior booking with the airline.

These facilities have made this carrier a global name in the industry, as a result of which it has reached international acclaim. Most of these facilities are available on long-haul routes like Ahmedabad to Dubai flights. The global popularity of Qatar Airways is reflected from the fact that it sponsors Barcelona FC, one of the famous football clubs in the world. With the initiation of modern amenities and passenger support on its journeys, it hopes to maintain and better its current standard in the aviation industry.