February 20, 2019

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Quality Time For The Quality Mind

There has been much discussion about the absence of the family social circle in recent years. It seems that families are too involved in their fast paced lives to stop and smell the roses together. There has been a huge push to gather families around the dinner table once more. This of course is a grand idea; but the dining room table is not the only destination in the home that should call for family bonding. There is a piece of outside furniture that has played a major role in creating some of the most memorable moments of family bonding the world has ever known.

This piece of outside furniture often goes unappreciated for the quality time it has provided over the years. Its rustic beauty has complimented many a backyard paradise for generations. It has shouldered the weight of the tired and weary. It has so quietly melted away the annoying burdens of stress and offered peace of mind for those who sought its meditating influences. I am of course speaking of the nostalgic porch classic swing. Whether it hangs proudly from the porch ceiling or from alternative supports in your backyard; these types of swings have definitely shared a lifetime of family memories. They offered quality time for the quality mind.

The porch patio swing is more than a mere outside furniture fixture. It is much more than that. A quality swing furniture has become a symbol of peace and tranquility in a backyard paradise filled with flower gardens, water fountains and extraordinary landscaping projects. The backyard paradise has transformed into our quick getaway from the stresses that weigh heavy on our minds. What a better place to relieve that stress; than a beautiful swing swaying peacefully; silently inviting us to free our minds and find harmony with ourselves and nature around us. The porch is a great location for that morning cup of coffee, that midday glass of lemonade or that evening glass of wine. The swing we choose reflects our personality and seems to become one with us in spirit as we sway in the breeze together.

7 Tips To Guide You Towards Choosing Your Quality Porch Swing

The swing can provide a location for you to create your own memories with family and friends. You can set and talk the hours a way; while relaxing in your own backyard paradise. But first you have to choose the porch swing that meets your expectations and reflects the personality of you and your home. Here are 7 tips that will help you choose a porch swing that will provide you with the relaxation, stress free atmosphere, and quality family bonding time you deserve.

1. Meeting The Manufacturer: It is important to note where your porch swing was made. The origin of its producer can say a lot about the product. Different countries have various regulations or requirements on how items can be manufactured.

2. Bring On The Brand: The brand can be very important. Just about everyone knows how important good branding is. If you don’t think the brand makes a difference; look at McDonalds for example. There are not many people; especially children, who do not recognize that brand. Brands like Great American Woodies Porch Swings and Atlantic Outdoor Swing & Hammock are household names in the porch swing industry. These manufacturers have built a rich history; a steadfast reputation for excellence, and constantly receive outstanding consumer reviews. A business is only as good as its brand.

3. The Material Matters: Of course the type of material you choose is essential to the long term enjoyment of your garden swing. The wooden patio swings have been quite popular for many generations. The most popular types of wood have been wooden teak made, cedar, cypress, maple, alder, pine, and oak. Cedar is often desired because of its resistance to rot, insects, and the fact that it is a very eye appealing wood. Cedar will of course cost you more; whereas Pine will be the least expensive. You can also find porch swings made out of plastic, iron or steel.

4. Style Can Make You Smile: The style you choose is imperative because you want it to match the personality of you and your home. You want your porch swing to look great but offer comfort as well for those memorable moments of stress free relaxation. When it comes to porch swings; size is important. Most porches will allow a 4 to 6 foot swing easily. Most come in 18″ to 36″ width. In addition, you can choose curved or squared off swings. In addition you can choose horizontal or vertical slats, Adirondack-style, and fabric-covered cushions. The styles vary from traditional, rustic, high back, heart back, fan back, and cross back. All of these options are provided to deliver the style and comfort you deserve.

5. Reliability And Durability: This may be perhaps the most important tip of all. Choose a swing that will be reliable and durable. You want a porch swing that will maintain its natural beauty over the years of wear and tear. A swing that will stay as strong as the family it consistently welcomes to share its relaxing characteristics. Some materials are stronger than others and hold up better over time. For example teak is quite strong and rot resistant and Stainless Steel will last the longest without rust or discoloration. Choose the material for the type of reliability and durability you desire.

6. Environmentally Friendly: The world is going green and thoughtfully so. If you want to be environmental friendly you can choose sustainable materials, recycled materials, and low toxicity materials as well. You want wood that has been not treated with lots of harsh chemicals and has been manufactured from the tree to the factory with forestry methods that are safe and sustainable. By using plastic or metal you can utilize recycled material so that it will not end up in waste destinations. Finally, some wood allows toxic fumes to escape into the environment; that is why low toxicity is so vital.

7. The Price Is Right: Of course you also have to a choose porch or garden swing that meets your budget requirements. As mentioned earlier; cedar will be more expensive and pine will be least expensive; but there is quite a price range in between. Price will depend on the material, style, size, and accessories you desire.

These 7 tips can guide you in making the right patio swing choice for you, your family and your home. There is quite a variety to choose from. You can even purchase Gliders. These are freestanding porch swings that rest on a gliding system. You can relax and be stress free while you glide back and forth.

In the end, your choice of a garden swing will come down to your own personality and expectations. The important thing is that you choose with style that will offer you and your family a backyard location that will offer years of stress free relaxation. If only your patio swing could talk – the stories they could tell of wedding proposals, heartfelt discussions, and the stripping away of burdens that rest heavy on the soul. The investment in a porch swing transcends the boundaries of mere outside furniture and instills emotional bonding with family and loved ones that create magical moments for a lifetime. For more information, click the link below.