My Wedding Favors

April 17, 2019

Printing your own wedding invitations is easy. You have to get past the fear of messing them up. You will be able to control error more by doing this yourself.

Since you will printing your own wedding cards, you can print one set before deciding if they are what you want. If you have gone to a wedding shop to order wedding invitations, you know it isn’t easy. You have to decide on the wording, the design, the font, the color. You need the invitations, RSVP cards, and reception cards. It can be overwhelming.

You have heard about making your own wedding announcements. The problem is they want you to buy their expensive papers. You have to use Microsoft Word and you don’t have it. It can be expensive.

What if you could be printing your own wedding cards, saving money and still have nice invites. You can do all of those.

Most places who offer help in printing your own wedding invitations sell you expensive paper. It might look nice but it doesn’t match you and it is costly.

Why not use standard blank cards you buy at any craft store. Add your own touches to make them perfect for your wedding. You don’t need special paper and with a nice font a some wedding clip art you can have wedding cards that will make your friends envious.

Weddings can get expensive and many places who sell wedding items realize that you will spend more for your wedding. By using cards that are made for anything you eliminate the “Wedding” expense. But you can make them “Wedding” by adding your own touches.

Learn a basic word processing program software. You will be able to print almost any size. Find a good printer. I recommend an inexpensive Epson printer. With this you can print quality and even with waterproof ink.

If you purchase a kit but don’t use a good printer, you will have added challenges. You want to have a printer that will do everything. You can print your invitations, your RSVP cards, your reception cards and even your envelopes. I have found Epson printers to be the best for the cost. You can test the print out by soaking it in water. It won’t streak like other models.

By using cheaper cards and adding your own touches you will save money. Many places want you to believe you need those kits. You don’t you can make your own.

Yes, printing your own wedding invitations can save you money. Don’t let others fool you by telling you that special paper is required. Have fun making your own invitations. You will save money too.